Prescription Drug Detox

When you are suffering from mental stress, ADHD, or severe pain and anxiety, it is necessary for you to meet with a doctor and get prescription medications. Unfortunately, it is also one of the primary reasons there is an abuse of prescription drugs. Since most of the drugs are psychoactive, and some of them can create hallucinations it often tends to lead people to dependency on that particular drug. People generally come under the impression that these are the drugs that have been prescribed by the doctor, and therefore no harm can come from it. However, any time you deviate from the regular schedule of using the drugs, you are encouraging substance abuse within yourself.

According to a recent study by the National drug use and health Forum, it has been found that over 52 million people that are above the age of 13 have at least undertaken substance abuse through such prescription drugs. Without professional help, getting rid of the prescription drug addiction can be a big problem. Typically, the best thing that is needed is to consult another doctor and possibly go for a detox program.

The detox program will effectively get rid of all the toxins in your body. The length of the program is dependent upon the dependency on prescription drugs and the severity of it.

Different classes of prescription drugs

According to medical practitioners, there are three different classes of prescription drugs available in the market. They are;

  1. Opiate drugs for pain relief
  2. Depressants for the central nervous system
  3. Stimulants

Each type is responsible for causing a certain dependency on the drug by the user, and making changes to this dependency requires a considerable amount of time. If there are any abrupt changes in taking these drugs, it can result in withdrawal symptoms that can be even life threatening if it is not corrected at the earliest.

Detox for prescription drugs

One has to remember that substance abuse is a pretty common issue in the United States, and the level of abuse is only second to the people consuming marijuana. The level of the dependency on such prescription drugs can be directly related to the withdrawal symptoms that people experience during the detox.

Since almost all the drugs that form a part of your medical prescription come with withdrawal symptoms, attempting to undertake detox on your own is not advised. Rather, it should be medically supervised, and one should also get into a rehabilitation program. Detox is not single-handedly responsible for getting rid of their addiction, proper therapeutic and psychological sessions in the form of rehabilitation should also be done for the drug addict. Any kind of relapse after the detox without proper rehabilitation can be pretty dangerous for the drug addict. They could result in the person consuming the same or even larger quantities of prescription drugs that could lead to fatal consequences. This is the reason why professional care is very much a necessity in case of prescription drugs addiction.