Consciously Choosing Sanity!

Affectionately know as “Doona Therapy” – self nurturance is the essential tool for all women who wish to remain sane. Self respectful behaviour keeps us healthy, sane and amenable. This type of self care protects our health and our relationships. This is because a woman just cannot function in over drive forever. Notice I did not say alcoholic women. We as women are so used to looking after others that we often do not take care of the one we need to care for most. Ourselves that is. This trait is not unique to the alcoholics of the world believe me!

Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.

These are the conditions that make women vulnerable to depression, alienation and despair. It is amazing how a small molehill can become a mountain when we are run down, tired or going without. When we are hurt, disappointed or just plain not getting what we want.

Take Time Out

Some call it ‘gnome time’, some call it ‘headin’ for the cave’ others call it ‘doona therapy’ – but all it really means is that there are times when a girl just has to lie down. Take time out! Read a good book and relax. Eat well (or eat Carmello Ice Cream) sleep or watch TV. Read spiritual books for healthy growth and sustenance or romantic novels just to switch off. Some of us love to use our relaxation to exercise or catch a movie others need to just sleep it off – but take time out is what we all need to do and no-one more so than myself this weekend.

I am toooooo busy you say?

Hmmmm? – what did looking after Jo mean for me this weekend? I have just finished the term at school. I have worked quite hard. (Not as hard as I used to though as I have learned what ‘burn out’ can really do to a woman.) Had quite a few disappointments of late and I know that I have quite an exciting coming up for me in the future. A time that needs me to be happy, healthy, alert and aware. Not frazzled, tired and sleepy.