The Truth and Facts about Benzodiazepine Addictions

The first benzo ever invented was known as Chlordiazepoxide, but more commonly referred to as Librium. It was invented by Leo Stembach back in 1955 during the time that he was an employee at Hoffman La Roche.

Most often, benzos are prescribed by a licensed doctor or physician and are used to treat insomnia, anxiety, stress and various other imbalances. The are also prescribed for patients who are suffering from alcohol withdrawals. Alternatives to Librium for alcohol withdrawal include Valium, Ativan, Xanax and Klonopin.

It is important to keep in mind that there is a high risk of benzodiazepine addiction; patients should be aware of the increased potential for abusing the drug. One reason why patients develop a benzo addiction is because they cause such an intense euphoric effect on the mind and the body.

Although the treatment can be beneficial for alcohol withdrawals, making the mistake of combining the two could be potentially fatal. It is never a good idea to mix alcohol and medicine, the same being especially true when it comes to benzodiazepines. Patients should be advised that drinking alcohol while taking any medication, even those that do not require a prescription, is a dangerous combination.

Patients who believe they may be suffering from benzodiazepine addiction should immediately seek assistance from a physician. Many times, it can be difficult to recognize a developing addiction until it has already progressed. A licensed physician can help by changing the dosage, switching to a different type of medicine or even weaning the patient off of the drugs entirely.

Making the decision to stop using benzos is quite a bit easier than it may sound. Once a benzo addiction has developed, it can be difficult to get rid of it. It may seem like a good idea to quit using benzodiazepines entirely, but that can only lead to serious withdrawals. The best way to beat benzodiazepine addictions is by gradually decreasing the dosage until it is no longer needed.

Benzodiazepine addictions are not only scary, they can be life threatening. Patients who are abusing benzos are often not themselves when under the influence of the drug and are by no means predictable. Many abusers may even experience a total transformation of personality while under the influence. The dangers of benzo addiction are not commonly talked about, but they do exist and lives are being lost too soon- this is why a benzo rehab is a big help. Anyone could become victim to addiction, but it takes a special dedication to overcome addiction and move on.